About Measures GG, EE, SS & MM

Half Moon Bay City Council has placed four commercial marijuana measures on the November ballot.

Measure GG would enact an ordinance allowing commercial cultivation of immature marijuana plants in greenhouses in Half Moon Bay (HMB).  This is a binding vote, allowing or prohibiting greenhouse growing of starts.

Measure EE is an advisory measure on allowing cultivation of mature marijuana plants in HMB greenhouses.

Measure SS is an advisory measure on whether HMB should allow the retail sale of marijuana and marijuana products.

Measure MM is an advisory measure on whether HMB should allow manufacturing of marijuana concentrates and edibles within the city.

City Council has indicated that it will respect the will of the voters on the advisory measures, so it is important to send a strong message

Our campaign is NOT about limiting any personal or medical use of marijuana, or existing delivery services.  Coastsiders Against Commercial Marijuana is focused only on keeping commercial marijuana growing and manufacturing activities out of Half Moon Bay.