This is NOT about limiting any personal or medical use of cannabis, or existing delivery services.

This is about stopping an industry that will change HMB forever.

Why vote NO on all 4 measures?

Measure GG, allowing commercial cultivation of immature marijuana plants, gives the pot industry a foothold from which it will aggressively lobby to grow mature plants, sell marijuana products and manufacture concentrates and edibles (Measures EE, SS, MM). The local pro-cannabis industry group has stated this as their strategy. That's why we recommend voting NO on all four measures.

The Measures

1) Measure GG would allow commercial cultivation of immature marijuana plants in greenhouses
2) EE is an advisory measure about cultivation of mature marijuana plants in greenhouses
3) SS is an advisory measure about the retail sale of marijuana and marijuana products
4) MM is an advisory measure about manufacturing of marijuana concentrates and edibles

Here's who opposes GG EE SS MM:

Marina Fraser, Former Mayor, Councilmember; Rick Kowalcyzk, Former Mayor, Councilmember;
Naomi Patridge, Former Mayor, Councilmember; Virginia Turezyn, Candidate for HMB City Council;
Half Moon Bay Latino Advisory Council and many more

Communities that have allowed pot growing, manufacturing and retail sales have seen:

  • Negative changes in the character of their towns.
  • Increased crime – Cannabis grow operations are an attractive target for robbery attempts, which poses a threat to public safety in the surrounding residential neighborhoods.
  • Normalization  of pot use among youth in the community.
  • Increased energy, water usage and possible pesticides that endanger our water supplies!
  • Significant risk to undocumented agriculture workers in our community.
  • Increased rental housing cost, driving locals out of the community


Are you registered to vote?

If you are not yet registered to vote, please register! Voter registration forms are available at HMB City Hall and at the Library. Only HMB registered voters will see these measures on their November 6 ballots.

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